This is an interactive food journal book that invites the reader to go on a food trail of Singapore food. "Jio Le" is a Teochew dialect for "Invite". Bring this book along with you as you go on a gastronomical trail of eating Singapore food, pen down your thoughts or comments of your experience. There are also included in the book outlined templates of the food for you to colour.

Singapore Food Makes Me Hungry

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  • A true blue Singaporean who loves Singapore food, Singapore artist , Geri Koh, took an interest in illustrating the delectable Singaporean cuisines in coloured pencils. Friends often commented that the drawings made them hungry. After having done a collection of her favourite selection of Singapore food and encouragement from friends to produce an art journal food book, she designed / wrote the book and with Jenn Lim who co-write the book, published with Artsence@SouthBridge.